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Compassionate, Sophisticated Guidance Through All Areas Of Divorce

Going through a divorce in New York is complex, can involve many emotions and can greatly impact the future of your children. Whether you are initiating the divorce or not, attorneys at Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy can guide you through each step. Our attorneys know how to protect your interests now, so you can be set for the future.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Advocates

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Our broad range of experience as a multidisciplinary law firm gives us an exceptional background for handling divorce and marital asset litigation. There are few events that have a more far-reaching effect on a person’s life than divorce. Our lawyers have the foresight and experience to protect your interests no matter how complex.

Based in Manhattan, our lawyers provide skilled divorce representation throughout the New York City area, including Long Island.

To learn more and to protect your rights during a divorce, contact our law firm today.

Experienced Counsel In Complex And High Net Worth Divorce

No matter how complex or simple you predict your divorce will be, our attorneys can make sure you are well-protected. We are fully prepared to handle all types of divorce, including:

You can rely on our years of experience to fully handle your high-asset divorce matters as well. We will investigate potential sources of hidden assets, obtain accurate property valuation and help you protect your retirement accounts. Financial issues are extremely important in all divorce matters. When significant assets are at stake, the complexities require experienced and knowledgeable counsel.

Our experience in international and domestic commercial law benefits our clients when one of the spouses owns a business. In many respects, the dissolution of a marriage resembles the dissolution of a business partnership and distribution of its assets.

Answering All Of Your Divorce Questions

No matter what questions you have related to your divorce, we can help. You can rely on us to answer the most common and most difficult questions, including:

  • Who will get to keep the marital home?
  • Can my spouse keep my children from me?
  • How do restraining orders work after a divorce?
  • Will I have to pay spousal support? How much?
  • What factors affect child custody?

Options For Resolving Family Law Disputes

In view of the high emotional and financial cost of litigation, our lawyers will first examine all options that might result in a settlement of the dispute that is satisfactory to you and reflects a realistic expectation of what you are entitled to under applicable law.

If you and your spouse can reach a negotiated settlement, both of you will be in a better position to move on with your lives, and if you have children, the trauma of divorce will be minimized. If your spouse adopts an unreasonable position, however, our lawyers will litigate vigorously to protect your rights

Providing Foresight Into Your Divorce Matters

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