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What is the average length of a marriage?

When people get married, they may claim that it will last for life, but the truth is that such a thing often does not happen in modern America. It's wise to be aware of this, no matter how you feel about your relationship. Understanding that divorce does happen allows you to prepare for it.

How can you plan for custody of your special needs child?

Co-parenting can be difficult for any former couple. However, for those with a special needs child, there can be some particularly unique challenges. A special needs child is going to need more structure and routine than a typical child would. You, as parents, have more than visitation times, vacation schedules and financial responsibilities to consider.

When wives get sick, divorce odds go up -- but not husbands

Couples usually say that they'll stay together in sickness and in health when they get married. Not all use this line, but it's one of the most common vows. That said, we know from divorce statistics that it's not necessarily accurate. Serious illnesses actually increase the odds of a divorce.

Can a stepparent make medical decisions?

Stepparents naturally find themselves making decisions for their spouse's children. These decisions could include simple day-to-day things like when they will go to bed, what type of discipline they'll see or what activities they can be involved in at school.

Children benefit from a relationship with their father

After divorce, fathers need to make sure they still have a strong relationship with their children. It's very, very important for the children to have a father figure in their lives. Parents need to think not about what they want or desire, but about how they can put the children first.

Maintain respect when asking for a divorce

Your spouse has no desire to get divorced. You, however, feel like it's just time to move on. The marriage stopped working a long time ago. Maybe they think it's fine. Maybe they think you can fix it, and you don't. Regardless, the two of you are not on the same page, so you know this is going to be a difficult conversation to have.

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