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Do I need a nondisclosure agreement?

If you are a Manhattan entrepreneur, you’re no doubt eager to talk about exciting business concepts with a variety of associates. However, protecting invaluable new ideas must be a consideration, and this can be accomplished by developing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). These documents offer protection against those who might take information gleaned during discussions about your business and use it for their own advantage.

How can I make sure my employees remain inspired?

As a New York entrepreneur, you know that hiring great workers is a huge concern. However, how can you make sure your employees remain driven to succeed once you’ve secured them for your team? Complacency is an enemy of all innovative endeavors, but fortunately you can fight against it by utilizing the following tips.

Tips on finding the best employees for your startup

Good companies are made up of good employees, which is why small business owners in Manhattan make it a point to hire only the best and brightest. The following tips are crucial to navigating the hiring process, thereby increasing an employer's chances of landing the perfect worker.

Boost employee satisfaction by improving company culture

Company culture is an often overlooked facet of business success. While Manhattan entrepreneurs’ have much to contend with, they should also take the time to assess the current company climate and whether it is amenable to their best and brightest employees. Our legal team at Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy knows that keeping workers happy is just one of many important goals a business can strive for. Fostering overall satisfaction by way of a few effective methods can help improve the experience of all employees, thereby retaining their valuable input.

Without workers’ comp insurance, entrepreneurs face risks

For small business owners in New York, keeping employees happy can be a full-time job. This is especially true when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, which can be extremely beneficial in the event an on-the-job injury occurs. Here at Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we know the impact failing to implement workers’ comp insurance can have on a business, from increased costs to penalties and fines.

How can I develop a great startup idea?

If you are a New York entrepreneur, getting your startup off the ground can prove challenging for a number of reasons. This is especially true when it comes to developing a great idea for your future business, which can often be the most difficult step involved and will play a significant role in determining your business’s ultimate success of failure.

How to encourage startup growth

For Manhattan entrepreneurs in search of startup success, getting a business off the ground can be extremely challenging. Even when in possession of a great and lucrative idea, business owners must take certain steps to afford their startups the best possible chance of making an impact on consumers.

How to devise a great business concept

While it’s true that all great businesses start with an idea, coming up with a workable concept can prove difficult for many Manhattan entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are a few methods one can utilize to drum up a good idea that just might evolve into a highly successful business.

Effective business strategies for entrepreneurs

A good business strategy is an invaluable tool to New York entrepreneurs. However, some business owners may struggle to implement a suitable strategy, especially in the rapidly evolving market place. Forbes lists a few proven business strategies that entrepreneurs can utilize to keep success in focus.

What should you know about health coverage with a small business?

If you have ever worked for another company in New York, you already know that many employers offer health care insurance to those working for them. If you run your own business, what are your obligations for providing health care to your employees?

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