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What is the New York Small Business Development Center?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and technology developers have flocked to New York for years because the state is uniquely suited to encourage and support small business growth. Not only does New York provide you and other business owners with unparalleled access to domestic and international markets, but the state is also home to a number of leading business support organizations. The New York Small Business Development Center is one such organization that strives to encourage the growth of startup and small businesses in the state.

The New York Small Business Development Center is funded by the state of New York, the U.S. Small Business Administration and host campuses, and is administered by the State University of New York. The SBDC is comprised of 29 outreach offices and 24 on-campus regional centers, and provides technical and management support to existing and startup companies in the state. Training and counseling is a top priority for the SBDC, as the organization provides support services to veterans, women, minority groups and entrepreneurs with special needs.

Expert training and counseling services provided through the SBDC utilize the skills of professional certified business advisors, along with resources found in the government, University and private sectors. In addition to concentrating on counseling and training, the SBDC also places a priority on investment, job development and economic growth in the state,

Another important aspect of the services provided by the SBDC is that the agency works alongside and in conjunction with other state economic development organizations in order to provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive array of resources. For instance, the SBDC Research Network provides business advisors with up-to-the-minute regulatory, economic and demographic data. The Research Network is also recognized as one of the country’s top business information resources.


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