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Intellectual Property And Trade Secrets

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy, our intellectual property attorneys represent the interests of intellectual property (IP) holders as well as defendants’ actions involving the enforcement of restrictive agreements relating to intellectual property and trade secrets. There are various ways of protecting intellectual property through compliance with state and federal laws, and we can help you decide the best way to proceed. What we do is convince our clients of their IP value: The biggest assets a company has often are its name and goodwill. They need protection.

We also pursue and defend against claims of intellectual property violations and infringements, including claims involving software licenses, development agreements and other intellectual property-related matters in New York, New Jersey and Colorado.

Choose Experienced Intellectual Property Lawyers

We have wide-ranging experience representing both individual and business intellectual property creators and developers in the following:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Trade dress
  • Trade secrets
  • Patents
  • Branding
  • Royalties

Our firm offers a broad range of services in high-tech fields, as well as the entertainment industry and small cottage industries. Our diverse client base includes clients that design everything from software to jewelry throughout the United States and the world.

Here are some questions for you if you are a creator, developer, licensor, licensee or owner of valuable intellectual property.

  • Do you know what your rights are regarding that property?
  • Do you know who owns the product of your work?
  • Do you know when you should license and when you should sell?

At CPS&S, we can help you answer these and other questions regarding intellectual property.

Your New York City Trademark Attorneys

If you are the author or creator of any intellectual property, we can:

  • Research your proposed copyright, trademark or service mark
  • File necessary paperwork with state agencies or the Federal Patent & Trademark Office
  • Explain the actions you need to take to gain protection that you should have

If you are beginning negotiation for sale or distribution of a product or service, we will help you understand how the clauses in a proposed contract affect you and your business. We will also help you draft and negotiate:

  • Distribution rights
  • Licensing contracts
  • Consulting agreements and work-for-hire, including nondisclosure agreements
  • Licensing of inventions
  • Author’s agreements

If you believe someone is infringing upon your intellectual property rights or you are at risk of infringing upon someone else’s rights, we can help you evaluate alternatives and provide representation in litigation on your behalf.

Contact our firm online to schedule a consultation or call us toll free at 800-209-7206 to discuss your needs.