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We Help Employers And Employees Navigate Complex Legal Concerns

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we represent businesses and individuals in employment-related matters. Employment law cuts a wide and pervasive swath across your business activities, from employment contracts to restrictive covenants and protection of your confidential information to allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination to disputes over wage and hour laws, benefits, overtime and other matters.

In Employment Law, It Helps To Be Proactive

A key element in the successful management of employment matters is anticipation and prevention and developing policies and systems to protect your business from the vast exposure and liability that is possible in this area. Our attorneys can counsel you in these areas, and as your business grows, they are available to assist you in implementing protective policies that will help create a positive atmosphere for your employees.

Our attorneys have successfully represented businesses, individuals and startup businesses facing restrictive covenant issues. We have also represented professional, executive and key-level individuals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and others with unique skills or talents in employment-related matters and disputes ranging through the technology and computer sectors, securities industry, medical industry, and manufacturing and service sectors. We engage in all aspects of this representation, from the negotiation of contracts to court appearances and employment litigation.

Hiring And Firing Concerns

In matters of hiring and firing, questions may arise regarding restrictive covenants. That is, what are the legitimate rights and expectations of prior employers, new employers and employees? Are there written agreements restricting the ability of a prospective employee to function effectively, and are those agreements enforceable in whole or in part?

Even in the absence of a written agreement, does the law imply a duty not to use confidential information of a competitor, and if so, what constitutes confidential information, e.g., is the identity of your competitor’s customers confidential? Our attorneys have experience in these areas and the ability to deal effectively in them.

Consult Our Firm

For help on these and other personal legal matters, contact us at Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP. In New York, New Jersey or Colorado, call 800-209-7206. You can also call us toll-free at 800-209-7206.

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