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Knowledgeable On Enforceability. Equipped To Handle Disputes.

The development of legally sound employment policies and agreements that effectively protect valuable business assets is mission-critical for companies large and small. One of the most complex, evolving and often-litigated areas within employment law involves the structure and enforceability of non-compete agreements — alternately called covenants not to compete.

Understanding Restrictive Covenants

“Non-competes” and other restrictive covenants have become extremely common as conditions of employment in recent decades — across the spectrum of skills and positions, but especially for executives, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals. This reflects the increased sophistication of many business endeavors and the tremendous value of intellectual property and other inside information in an intensely competitive global marketplace.

Non-Compete Attorneys With A Depth Of Understanding

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we tailor our services for employers based on in-depth understanding of their specific business operations and objectives. Our New York City non-compete agreement attorneys work cohesively and efficiently to:

  • Structure and draft non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and other employment contracts that are both effective and enforceable — carefully managing key issues such as overall scope, industry definition, time components and geographic restrictions
  • Represent employers in litigation involving the violation of non-compete agreements by employees who leave the company for a competitor within the specified industry or market

We Cost-Effectively Protect Your Business

CPS&S employment lawyers emphasize anticipation and prevention of disputes, recognizing that litigation can cost our clients focus as well as money, and that keeping matters out of court can be critical to any company’s reputation. We are adept at applying our grasp of key business objectives to protect clients’ interests while setting out clear restrictions with a defensible business purpose.

Whatever your specific industry and whether you are a startup establishing policies or a multinational facing potential litigation over a non-compete agreement, we are equipped to address your needs. To work closely with a firm versed in all aspects of employment law and committed to offering personal attention at the partner level, schedule an exploratory consultation with us at CPS&S. You can also call us toll free at 800-209-7206.