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Proven Divorce Lawyers Who Can Help Establish The Full Financial Picture

One of the most contentious financial issues that can stand in the way of an amicable, reasonably efficient divorce is either spouse’s belief that the other is hiding money or other assets that should be considered marital property and subject to division. Full financial disclosure by both parties is required under New York matrimonial law, and such divorce claims must be handled with sensitivity, diligence and care.

Proven Ability To Locate Hidden Assets And Obtain Financial Disclosures

Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S) has built a stellar reputation for defending business clients’ financial interests. Our attorneys are equally capable of applying the firm’s extensive resources to protection of your financial stability and future in a divorce. We are prepared to counsel and represent you as:

  • A party to a divorce who suspects your spouse has income sources, offshore accounts or business interests, or other assets he or she is refusing to disclose
  • A man or woman falsely accused of hiding property or assets that should be considered as part of the marital property division settlement
  • Any high-asset individual facing a divorce that requires valuation of substantial property, interpretation of a prenuptial agreement, demonstration that certain assets should be considered personal property, or other intricate financial investigation and advocacy

We Collaborate With Other Professionals To Meet Your Needs

Uncovering hidden assets may call for sophisticated forensic accounting actions including tracking of electronic transactions and gaining access to offshore financial records. Our extensive work in complex commercial litigation requires similar financial discipline and resources. Similarly, we have experience constructing business cases that clear our clients of financial wrongdoing.

Financially Resourceful Marital Property Division Attorneys

Whether in New York, New Jersey or elsewhere, hidden assets can be located by legal means without necessarily inflaming a conflict. Our matrimonial law practice is a proven resource for matters involving business leaders, licensed professionals and others who value discretion and wish to resolve divorce claims — however complex — without costly courtroom litigation.

Contact CPS&S Today

To discuss whether our respected New York City matrimonial lawyers’ capabilities and resources are suited to accomplishing your goals in a high-asset divorce, we encourage you to arrange an exploratory consultation at a time that works for you. You can also reach us by phone, toll free, at 800-209-7206.