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Legal Consulting In New York City

When vital financial, business or personal goals are on the line in a complex legal matter, the best move an interested party can make is often to pursue a legal consultation with an attorney knowledgeable in the field and capable of being entirely objective and offering fresh perspective.

A Valuable Resource for Firms Nationwide and Around the Globe

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), the depth and diversity of experience among our partners, associates and of-counsel resources makes us an ideal choice to provide international, New Jersey and New York City legal consulting services. We frequently provide guidance, legal opinion letters and of-counsel services across our legal practice areas to:

  • Out-of-state attorneys and foreign firms handling matters crossing into the jurisdiction of New York and New Jersey state or federal courts
  • In-house corporate counsel in need of a second legal opinion or services such as litigation management and supervision when multiple claims and suits are in play
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders requiring counsel on matters that fall outside the range of their local attorneys and firms
  • Lawyers and firms, as well as individuals, facing pivotal decisions involving the pursuit of civil appeals

Creative, Informed Insight Into the Law and Practical Approaches to Resolution

Although our firm is accomplished in virtually all facets of business law, including the most complex real estate transactions and commercial dispute resolution, our attorneys’ knowledge and experience extends to many other high-value legal matters.

For example, we field inquiries and offer legal opinions as to whether powers of attorney and other estate documents are valid under New York state laws. Clients depend on us for insight into U.S. and state employment law, matters of intellectual property protection and division of business interests in a New York divorce, to name just a few other proven strengths.

Request an Objective Viewpoint From an Accomplished CPS&S Attorney

We welcome your inquiry into our New York City legal consulting services and offer an honest, straightforward assessment of how we may be able to contribute to your case. Please call 800-209-7206 to schedule an initial consultation.