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2 important moments in civil rights for American laborers

There are many important moments in American history as it pertains to civil rights. In the context of U.S. labor law history, there are two events that stand out: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1966 California farm worker's strike.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a long time coming, and the evolution of changing society over the course of hundreds of years. It provides legal rights and protections to United States workers, the likes of which were completely foreign to laborers a hundred years ago. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, U.S. workers are protected from employment-related discrimination related to pay, hiring, firing, promotions and how workers are treated at their workplaces. Specifically, Title VII protects employees from discriminatory acts and harassment on the basis of national origin, sex, religion, color and race.

How women can prepare for the financial upheaval of divorce

Divorce is a significant and major legal process that will lead to financial adjustments and changes in your life. Even in a high-asset divorce, both parties will likely have to take steps to protect their interests, cut costs and preserve their future financial stability. As a woman, it may be particularly important for you to prepare yourself for this process and work for a strong post-divorce future.

Women, more so than men, often experience economic disparity in a divorce. This is the case for women who did not work outside of the home, but it also applies to women who have careers, a steady income and their own assets. No matter your specific situation, it is prudent to know how to protect yourself and avoid complications in the future. That effort can start now. 

Two instances when your decision to divorce should be immediate

Most spouses do not decide to get a divorce quickly or easily. In fact, there is never a situation when the decision to divorce is an easy one. However, there are some moments when, to anyone viewing the situation from the outside, getting a divorce should be an immediate and obvious course of action.

There are at least two times when you shouldn't think twice about bringing your marriage to a close.

What are the basic rights of New York employees?

The United States as a nation was built by the hard work of our forebears. Today, the prosperity of America is dependent upon those who continue the tradition of exchanging labor and services for a fair wage. This system works very well when all parties do their part. However, some employers take advantage of their workers by denying them even the most basic rights. This is just as true in New York as it is in other American states.

Worsening the problem, many employees do not know their rights and may not recognize violations. Fortunately, the government keeps track of worker rights and employment law so that you are able to find out if you are being mistreated in your workplace. It is also beneficial to understand that an employment law attorney can help you identify possible violations if you feel you suffer from mistreatment at work.

Find the right divorce lawyer by asking the right questions

When it comes to important events in life, it is always wise to plan and prepare. For example, if you are looking for a child care provider, you will probably want to have a conversation with your candidates before making your selection. This gives you insight into whether the caregiver you choose is a good match for your family's needs.

The same is true when you are preparing for divorce and looking for an attorney. Instead of choosing the first divorce lawyer you see on the internet, it is wiser to take a more cautious approach. Manhattan has many experienced lawyers to choose from, making it easier than you might think to find an attorney who meets your needs.

Protecting your business may be a goal during divorce

You have likely gone through many life events that have made you feel happy and proud. Two of those events may have included starting your own business and getting married. The days these events took place, you may not have believed that any negative impact could befall your business or your marriage. Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be the case.

Your marriage may have lasted a good number of years before problems became too much, and now you face divorce. This situation means your once-happy marriage is coming to an end, and your business could also be at risk of facing negative repercussions.

Should you hire a lawyer before starting a New York business?

One of the most urgent needs of those starting a new business in New York is reducing initial costs. New business owners need to control costs in order to have the funds they need to operate the company efficiently. The problem is determining where to cut costs without compromising the security of the business.

There are many forms of security when it comes to new startups. Money itself is a form of security as is having a solid business plan and trustworthy investors. What you may not know is that legal representation is also an important type of security that most business owners need. Choosing to consult with a business law attorney before you start your company can improve your chances of success by identifying potential legal issues before they occur. The following list contains examples of the ways a business law attorney helps new startups succeed.

  • Helping you choose what form your business takes (e.g. limited liability company)
  • Assistance in acquiring any necessary permits or licenses
  • Making sure that your startup conforms to the state's business laws
  • Addressing issues of liability that your company may face now or in the future
  • Performing risk assessment services and helping you minimize these risks
  • Assistance drafting the formal documents needed to operate a company
  • Providing information and advice about the tax issues related to your new business

Stepparents risk losing contact with the kids after divorce

When you marry someone who already has children, it can be difficult to predict what will happen. While it is a complicated family law scenario in some cases, we will make it as simple as possible by breaking the possibilities down into two results. Either you will experience difficulty truly bonding with your stepchildren or you will fall in love with them and think of them like your own kids. It is the second possibility that we want to talk about.

As long as your marriage is going well and no divorce is on the table, loving your stepchildren carries no risk. However, if marital troubles occur and divorce is the only answer, you risk losing the children you have come to love as well as your spouse. As we mentioned above, the topic of stepparent rights is a tough one in legal terms. Unfortunately, no ready answer exists for divorcing stepparents who want to maintain their loving relationship with the children.

Head off litigation with an employment contract evaluation

In essence, an employment contract is an agreement between an employee and an employer. It is also a legal document defining many facets of an employment relationship. More and more businesses in New York have begun to make use of these employment law documents because they protect employers and workers alike. When a well-drafted contract is in place, it can prevent misunderstandings or disputes that may otherwise lead to litigation.

As employment law professionals, we generally approve of fair and balanced written agreements between workers and their superiors. However, we like to caution all involved parties to make certain such documents do not violate anyone's rights. One way to accomplish this is by having the contract reviewed by an employment law attorney.

3 ways to get rid of your business partner

When you and your business partner started the company, you felt like you could work together for decades. You got along, you both worked toward the same goals and you split the responsibilities evenly.

Now, however, it is clear to you that your business partner needs to go. There's just no way the company can move forward with him or her involved. How can you force that person out legally?

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