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Is downsizing ethical?

The role of ethics in corporate America is an interesting one. When it comes to employee rights, of course, ethics certainly matter. It's important to treat all workers equally, for instance, avoiding bias and giving everyone a fair chance.

When it comes to business decisions, though, the issues are a bit more gray. For instance, consider downsizing a workforce. This means laying people off not because of the quality of their work, but due to outside factors. These are often financial and tied to the economy. A company that has seen its sales fall by 10% over the last year may need to reduce its workforce to balance the books.

What is the average length of a marriage?

When people get married, they may claim that it will last for life, but the truth is that such a thing often does not happen in modern America. It's wise to be aware of this, no matter how you feel about your relationship. Understanding that divorce does happen allows you to prepare for it.

The average length of a marriage in the United States is just around 8.2 years. This is interesting because of the cliche of the "seven-year-itch," which suggests that people start becoming unhappy with their marriages after about seven years. If you add in a bit of time to decide to get divorced and a bit more for the case itself, that seems to fall right in line with the average.

Divorce isn't selfish, it's self-care

People are sometimes opposed to divorce because they see it as a selfish move. They assume that the person filing for divorce is giving up on the marriage.

But is that fair? Many argue that it's not. Someone who is unhappy in a relationship may just be practicing self-care. They're chasing their own personal happiness. Everyone only has one life to live. Don't they deserve to be happy? And, if they're not, don't they have a right to take the necessary steps to become happier?

The advantages of starting a franchise

If you want to start a company, one basic choice that you need to make at the beginning is whether you want to start a brand new company or buy a franchise license. If you choose to buy a franchise, you get to operate with the branding and business model created by the parent company -- McDonald's, for example, or Pep Boys.

A franchise license does come with fees. The popular chains are the most expensive. You may end up paying tens of thousands of dollars per year. If that feels like it would hurt your bottom line, what are the advantages?

Unearthing the presence of hidden assets during a divorce

If you and your spouse decide to take separate paths in life, you may face a variety of difficult decisions, some of which could have a significant impact on your life. While you may consider it vital to take every possible measure to protect your future, preparing a strategy for divorce can be an intimidating process.

As you work to create a plan for what comes next, a portion of your focus may rest in taking steps to identify and obtain the value of all your assets. Identifying all marital property can be somewhat complex, especially if you suspect your soon-to-be former spouse might be hiding assets.

How can you plan for custody of your special needs child?

Co-parenting can be difficult for any former couple. However, for those with a special needs child, there can be some particularly unique challenges. A special needs child is going to need more structure and routine than a typical child would. You, as parents, have more than visitation times, vacation schedules and financial responsibilities to consider.

A special needs child requires a heightened level of care and attention than the average child. Your son or daughter may need around-the-clock supervision, no matter how old they are. You'll need to consider what resources you have, as well as any special scheduling needs that your child regularly has before crafting a custody schedule for them. It's not uncommon for one parent of a special needs child to retain sole physical custody of their son or daughter.

Standing up for racial discrimination in the New York workplace

Any type of racial discrimination, no matter the context, is unacceptable. Unfortunately, many employees struggle in their workplaces because they are subject to one form of discrimination or another. Racial discrimination in the workplace could be direct or subtle, but it is always unlawful.

If you feel that you have become a victim of racial discrimination in the New York workplace, it is important that you take action to assert your rights. By doing so, you'll be taking a stand and you may have the possibility to gain back damages.

How often do pro athletes get divorced?

The life of a pro athlete is exciting and glamorous. But it's also very hard. Athletes have to be incredibly dedicated to their sports. You simply do not make it at that level if you're not willing to put in the work. Talent is not enough.

This means long hours at the gym or the practice facility. It means working on holidays. It may mean skipping important family events. It also means that, perhaps more so than in other professions, the athlete has to put the job first.

What people often get wrong about annulment

People often assume that you can seek an annulment if you just got married and you realized it was a mistake. If you do it fast enough, they say, you don't have to get divorced. You can just get it annulled and it's like it never happened.

You can get an annulment in New York, but that is not how it works. Instead, you can use this process only if it turns out that you were involved in an invalid marriage. The annulment is a way of recognizing that it never should have happened and ending it as a result.

Can your employer just pay you next month?

You get a new job, and it goes well at first. You like it, the boss seems nice and you get paid on time. You start to settle in and wonder if this could be a career stop.

Then one payday rolls around, and you don't get paid. You go to your boss and ask what happened. He shrugs it off and tells you that the company is a bit short on cash at the moment. He asks if he can just pay you next month. Is this legal?

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