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Reducing the risks of delays in construction

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Construction Law

There are many scenarios in which sources of delay may arise on construction projects. Although delays might remain a constant in this industry, the presence of delays can still place a strain on the parties involved and lead to a greater risk of construction disputes. Companies in New York that wish to protect against such issues could benefit from addressing some of the most prevalent causes of construction project delays. 

The causes 

One of the most prevalent causes of delays in construction may involve budgeting concerns. Inaccurate job estimates can create various challenges and being through with this aspect of operations may be vital to mitigating potential risks. Labor shortages can also trigger costly delays and finding ways to stave off such concerns could be vital to protecting company interests in New York and elsewhere. 

In some cases, delays may arise when other parties fail to manage their time and responsibilities effectively. Setting clear expectations and establishing lines of communication can be vital to protect against similar concerns. Flaws in the designs and blueprints of a project can also take a toll on operations and prompt costly delays. 

Project delays and construction disputes 

Project delays may be challenging to avoid at times and even if the proper precautions are taken, there may be no guarantee that such issues will not lead to construction disputes. Companies that face conflict stemming from similar challenges might find it beneficial to consider consulting with an attorney for assistance in addressing their situation and evaluating their available options. An attorney can help a client in New York prepare to take every appropriate measure to safeguard the company’s interests through the appropriate channels. 


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