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Business disputes: Communication style matters

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Comprehensive Business Law

Most New York business moguls have encountered challenges involving clients, investors, partners, government officials and others. Most business owners understand how difficult it can be to resolve disputes. When there is a lot at stake financially, the key to a successful business dispute resolution is skilled negotiation.

Communication style is an important issue for executives facing these issues. Poor communication skills can lead to misunderstandings that can delay, if not impede, a solution to the problem. For example, someone who communicates in a concise or abrupt style might be considered too stoic or, perhaps, rude, by someone who prefers longer, more detailed discussions.

Rely on skilled negotiators

A skilled negotiator knows how to assess another party’s communication style. When a business owner allows an experienced negotiator to act on his or her behalf during business dispute resolution sessions, it creates an atmosphere that is conducive to amicable discussion, which is another key to successful negotiations. Both sides do not necessarily require matching communication styles but must demonstrate understanding and a willingness to cooperate and compromise as needed to resolve a business dispute.

Business dispute resolutions are more effective when there is mutual respect and understanding on both sides. Remember that communication styles matter. It is helpful to seek support from an attorney who can settle an issue out-of-court but is also prepared to litigate, if necessary.


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