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The Legal Counsel You Need With Business Litigation

Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP is a preeminent business law firm that provides high-end legal services. From our office locations in New York City and across the Hudson in Hackensack, we handle all manner of domestic and international business and commercial lawsuits. Many of our clients include multinational business entities or private individuals with substantial business interests in multiple countries.

Our cutting-edge yet practical litigation strategies are designed to achieve one thing: results. No matter how complex the matter at hand, we have the knowledge and resources to help you resolve it.

Proven Successful In High-Stakes Litigation

We regularly represent clients in sophisticated and immensely complicated pretrial negotiations and at trial. Our experienced litigation attorneys have achieved demonstrable successes for both plaintiffs and defendants in court. We regularly litigate the following types of matters:

  • Complex litigation and arbitration: Handling complicated litigation matters, involving multiple causes of action and parties from multiple jurisdictions, even different countries.
  • International litigation and arbitration: Arbitrating, negotiating and litigating disputes involving foreign individuals and corporations. Many of our lawyers fluently speak multiple languages, including but not limited to Arabic, French, Hebrew and Spanish.
  • Employment contract litigation: When disputes regarding employment contracts arise, we help business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs draft, interpret and enforce agreements.
  • Franchise litigation: Protecting the rights of franchisees and franchisors including issues involving franchise agreements, disputes, compliance and terminations.
  • Intellectual property, trademark and copyright litigation: We understand how critical IP is in today’s environment, so we are prepared to protect your intellectual property rights in court when needed.
  • Litigation management supervision: When corporations are facing multiple legal claims, our experienced attorneys provide management services that help to mitigate losses and facilitate success.
  • Bad faith litigation: Providing policyholders with skilled legal representation when insurance providers act in bad faith, whether with failures to investigate, pay claims or defend policyholders or make unreasonable denials.
  • Real estate litigation: Adept at the nuanced and complex world of litigating real estate disputes, both commercial and residential. We represent developers, owners, lenders, investors, landlords and commercial tenants, to name a few, throughout New York and New Jersey.

In addition to our business and commercial litigation practice, we also litigate disputes involving estates, wills, trusts and probate matters.

What sets our firm apart is the outstanding level of client service that our lawyers combine with their aggressive, cohesive counsel. From our knowledge of global business law to the impeccable communication and personal attention that we give clients, we deliver a winning approach to even the most difficult of lawsuits.

Seek Our High-Level Business Law Representation Today

For premier assistance with all your business litigation concerns, you can turn to Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP. Discuss our services in greater depth by scheduling your initial consultation. You can call us toll-free at 800-209-7206 or send us an email to begin. We also have an office location in New Jersey.