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Fidelity Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Dishonest employees can steal a significant amount of money and other assets in a short time. While companies purchase fidelity insurance to cover losses due to employee theft, not all fidelity insurance policies provide the same coverage. For example, some policies cover cash losses only while other policies cover other types of assets.

The law firm of Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP has a special focus on insurance coverage issues, including those involving fidelity insurance. From our main offices in New York City, as well as locations in Denver and New Jersey, our lawyers represent all types of businesses that are victims of embezzlement, forgery, robbery, electronic theft and other losses by employees.

Appealing Denied Fidelity Insurance Claims

Common reasons why insurance companies delay or deny fidelity insurance claims include:

  • The individual responsible for the loss was not an employee as defined by the insurance contract.
  • The individual had a prior claim or caused fidelity insurance to be canceled at a prior job.
  • The individual did not cause the loss intentionally.
  • The assets taken were not covered.

Our experienced insurance dispute legal team can analyze your claim and work with you on appeal, if appropriate. We will tailor our legal strategy to the circumstances of your situation and the basis of your denied claim.

In addition to handling disputes, our attorneys provide risk management guidance to help you anticipate your insurance needs to ensure that you are properly covered.

For More Information About Fidelity Insurance

For assistance with a fidelity insurance issue, call our lawyers at or 800-209-7206 toll free. You may also contact us online to schedule an appointment.