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Skilled, Financially Savvy No-Fault Divorce Law Attorneys

Most people who decide to divorce in New York make avoiding costly litigation a central priority, and taking advantage of the recent passage of a law enabling no-fault divorce is one step toward that end. In August 2010, New York became the last U.S. state to allow divorce without the necessity of either living apart for a full year or one spouse proving grounds for divorce such as adultery, cruelty or abandonment.

Focused On Resolving Complex Challenges For High-Asset Divorcing Couples

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), you can work with Manhattan no-fault divorce attorneys who are extremely well equipped to help you understand relevant matrimonial law and reach an out-of-court settlement even if you have very substantial financial assets to divide and other issues that must be negotiated. Strengths of our matrimonial law practice include:

  • Extensive knowledge of New York law and current perspective informed by an attorney’s membership in the Family Law section of the American Bar Association
  • Experience resolving complex property-related and financial issues specific to business owners, executives, licensed professionals and other high-asset individuals — including equitable division of real estate and business interests and forming a mutually satisfactory resolution on payment of alimony (sometimes called spousal support or maintenance)
  • Advanced, refined knowledge of methods of alternative dispute resolution for divorce cases, including direct negotiations and family law mediation

Help Filing For A No-Fault Divorce

Although you and your divorcing spouse may agree that fault for the divorce is not a matter worth contesting, you still may face a substantial challenge reaching agreement on division of your marital wealth.

A reasonably efficient and affordable uncontested divorce may still be an option for you if you work with lawyers adept at developing creative proposals acceptable to both parties. We have experience uncovering hidden assets through forensic accounting as well as developing a strategy and plan for negotiation from a position of strength.

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To discuss the issues in your pending divorce with a CPS&S attorney, call 800-209-7206. We are prepared to carefully analyze your financial situation and goals under the law, help you achieve your objectives for child custody and other critical issues, and litigate aggressively on your behalf if necessary. Contact us today in New York City and schedule a consultation.