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Solutions That Meet Your Needs

New York matrimonial and family law has undergone many changes. While the law on same-sex marriage has solidified in recent years, to the benefit of LGBT couples everywhere, significant issues remain in LGBT marriage dissolution matters, particularly regarding parental rights. CPS&S remains at the forefront of emerging laws and trends in matrimonial and family law issues in New York, New Jersey and Colorado. We protect your rights, your finances and your family throughout your divorce.

Accomplished Legal Counsel In LGBT Divorce

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), we have a balanced, interdisciplinary law practice with proven ability to handle complex negotiations and resolve contested issues in divorce without resorting to costly, drawn-out adversarial litigation.

New York same-sex divorce lawyers at CPS&S are committed to thoroughly analyzing and understanding your specific goals and approaching your case with determination to help you achieve them. You can depend on being treated with absolute care as we help you navigate the legal system and emerge with positive resolution on matters including:

  • Child custody and visitation, whether you adopted children together or one partner brought biological or adoptive children into the marriage
  • Equitable division of property, assets and debts, however significant and however complex — including business interests, real estate and investments calling for accurate valuation
  • Negotiations surrounding any spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony) to be paid due to one divorcing partner’s needs and the other’s more advantageous financial situation

Skilled Divorce Lawyers For LGBT Couples

Same-sex divorce must be handled with care and full awareness of the complexities of New York matrimonial law. Our New York City law firm focuses on upfront planning and strategy directed at reaching agreement on all critical issues through negotiations or mediation, but we are fully prepared to represent our clients in court if those efforts break down.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

To discuss your objectives and concerns involving divorce as a same-sex couple, we invite you to call 800-209-7206 or email us and request an exploratory consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.