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Bad Faith Litigation Attorneys in New York

Businesses often ask our lawyers to review the circumstances of their commercial insurance dispute and determine if they may have a bad faith claim. Insurance bad faith laws vary from state to state, and damages that are recoverable in one state may not be recoverable in another.

At the law firm of Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, our lawyers have the requisite experience to evaluate your claim and determine whether you may have a bad faith claim. From our main offices in New York City, as well as locations in Denver and New Jersey, our lawyers represent insured and self-insured businesses.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

An insurance policy is a contract, and insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the people and companies they insure under that contract. Issues that may give rise to a bad faith claim include:

  • Unreasonable claim denials
  • Failure to investigate a claim
  • Failure to promptly pay an undisputed claim
  • Settlement offers that are unreasonably low
  • Failure to defend the policyholder

In some states, bad faith insurance laws allow policyholders to recover damages beyond a company’s actual losses to punish the insurance company for acting in bad faith. However, New York allows the recovery of punitive damages only in limited circumstances.

Our attorneys will review your case and help you recover all damages that may be recoverable under the laws of your state.

For More Information About Insurance Bad Faith

To schedule a consultation about your insurance bad faith claim, call our attorneys at 800-209-7206 or 800-209-7206 toll free.