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Thanks to the sound advice, and diligent and stellar legal work of Jack Shakarchy and Joe Teig, I just received news of a winning court decision. Both men are super smart, strategic, and exceptionally good at navigating the converging realms of law and business. I am grateful for the win and to have had the opportunity to have worked with them.

In the world of business, papers can get served regardless of the existence of any tort. Seasoned judges know the law, but they don’t know anything about business. This environment can be devastating for business owners. Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy bridges the gap between a business owner’ reality and the imperfect and capricious court system. Their legal stewardship is money well spent.

As a business owner making my move to New York City, this firm Cox Padmore Skolnik and Shakarchy LLP has done outstanding work. Guiding not only me but the attorneys working on my project in my home State of Florida. The professionals at this firm listen closely, take notes and tailor their strategies directly to client needs. I would recommend these guys to any serious business person seeking to operate in New York !

Thank you so much Steve and Ralph !

If you are involved in real estate litigation in NYC, do not pass ‘go’ and do not collect $200. Go with Steve Skolnik-you will not regret it.

I do not have the words to express how helpful Steve’s counsel has been throughout our litigation: not just the legal counsel, but his ability to remain calm in circumstances that are incendiary even for the calmest, quietest folks. Steve’s knowledge of the ins and outs of the real estate market-especially as it pertains to cooperative apartment buildings in New York City-helped us navigate several difficult decisions we had to make. His experience and ability to see the larger picture allowed us to minimize the bleeding and extricate ourselves from a long and protracted dispute with our coop and its board of directors. At each step, Steve gave us great advice, correctly predicting the other side’s next move, allowing us to stay several steps ahead at all times.

Steve had to pick up where our first attorney had failed, not only on legal issues (e.g., a complaint which failed to outline all of our legal remedies), but-perhaps more importantly-on the client care side. We frequently had to call our prior attorney 3-4 times across multiple weeks to achieve one return call; emails were frequently ignored. Once we hired Steve, we typically received responses within 24 hours, and we always knew what our next steps were-and on what deadline. Our prior attorney had been on our case for over a year, with no end in sight; once we hired Steve, the matter was resolved within months. Having to pick up what another attorney had started, correct his mistakes, learn our case inside and out as quickly as possible-and manage all of it with us in another state-was an accomplishment nonpareil.

One final note, regarding billing: if you’ve ever hired an attorney for any reason, you already know how quickly legal bills add up. Steve was always transparent about billing, and helped with guidance in maximizing our chances to win without outspending the property value in legal fees. We simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

Katherine DePasquale

Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP is rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 8 reviews.