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Aggressive Litigation of Real Estate Disputes

The stakes can be extremely high in a real estate dispute, especially when you live in one of the hottest commercial and residential real estate markets in the world. Prompt legal advice and representation are essential to protect your investment.

Aggressive Litigation of Real Estate Disputes

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, our real estate litigation attorneys represent property owners, buyers, sellers, real estate developers and investors, commercial lenders, landlords, and tenants involved in property disputes and real estate litigation in New York City, New Jersey and the Denver metropolitan area, including:

  • Residential and commercial lease disputes
  • Representing developers in various real estate-related disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Commercial evictions and Yellowstone injunctions
  • Disputes involving co-op/condominium conversions and partition actions
  • Mortgage foreclosures and collection actions
  • Construction insurance disputes
  • Construction litigation and contractor disputes
  • Disputes over contract of sale or purchase
  • Easement disputes
  • Variances to local zoning ordinances
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Alternatives to real estate litigation

As a multinational and interdisciplinary law firm, we are prepared to represent individuals and businesses involved in complex interstate and international real estate litigation.

Our Transaction Experience Is a Significant Asset

Our extensive experience in putting together real estate transactions helps us take those agreements apart when deals go wrong. Our lawyers can quickly and correctly analyze issues, risks and exposures in real estate litigation. We also have experience in arbitration, mediation, negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques.

For More Information About Real Estate Litigation

If you have been involved in a real estate dispute, we encourage you to call 800-209-7206 or 800-209-7206 toll free. You can also send us an email, and we will respond promptly.