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Business And Partnership Dissolution

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), our attorneys know from deep experience that the reasons business owners and stakeholders consider dissolving or restructuring their companies are numerous and often extremely complex.

You may be ready for a change in direction, or a key stakeholder may have reached retirement age, become incapacitated or passed away. Perhaps economic change and adversity have eroded profits and made the company unsustainable, or partners have grown apart on the mission and operations of your LLC, corporation or other organization.

Closing or Restructuring a Business in Manhattan or Elsewhere in New York?

The primary strengths of our versatile, accomplished business law firm lie in finding the best path to resolution of complex, financially significant challenges and disputes. We offer guidance, insight into options and decisive action for clients in need of:

  • Business dissolution counsel focused on just, lawful division and liquidation of assets as well as a coherent and strategic approach to minimizing debt and future exposure to legal action in a buyout scenario
  • Comprehensive business restructuring counsel informed by a wealth of industry and market knowledge, bankruptcy law, tax law and regulatory issues
  • Representation in limited liability company, corporate, partnership, joint venture disputes requiring negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation to establish control over assets and operations or a plan to transfer or dissolve a business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible

Turn to Proven Negotiators and Litigators for Protection of Your Interests

Leveraging many decades of experience and a collaborative approach among lawyers versed in diverse areas, we can deliver value-conscious legal services at any phase of a business transformation or dissolution. Our New York City business dissolution attorneys represent limited liability companies, corporations, members, shareholders, investors and creditors in these situations — and our longstanding clients cover the spectrum of industries and business structures.

Discuss Your Needs With One Of Our Attorneys

Whether your situation calls for an aggressive litigator able to establish wrongdoing that has harmed your company or a skilled financial analyst versed in tax and estate planning, our firm may be the optimal choice. To discuss your specific needs and goals in an exploratory consultation with an accomplished New York or New Jersey business lawyer, call 800-209-7206 or contact us at CPS&S.