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ERISA Claims And Disputes

The vast majority of employer-provided health insurance, pension, investment and profit sharing plans throughout the United States are governed by federal law contained in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. This law is commonly referenced as ERISA in legal and employment-related circles, although most Americans have no knowledge of what it means or its importance to them.

Counsel And Action When Employees Are Exploited Or Defrauded

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), seasoned attorneys with substantial knowledge of ERISA hold those who violate various aspects of this complex law accountable to the people and groups these violations harm. Our experience and capabilities extend to:

  • Exposing and pursuing litigation against companies and plan fiduciaries — those responsible for managing 401(k) plans and other employee benefit plans in compliance with the law — that exploit or squander assets, sometimes creating fraudulent schemes for their own gain
  • Pursuing litigation against employers who violate anti-abuse regulations contained in section 409(p) of ERISA, which covers virtually any employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) — a unique area because ESOPs are sometimes tapped or “leveraged” to finance a company’s operations at the expense of vested employees
  • Representation of ERISA and non-ERISA welfare funds, individuals and labor organizations in employment disputes

An Exceptional Team For ERISA Cases

Because ERISA is an extremely complex statute and any suit involving ERISA compliance must be brought in federal court, capable New York City ERISA attorneys and firms are a select group. At CPS&S, our practice in this area is led by an accomplished employment, business and labor lawyer approaching 40 years in practice.

This level of experience is further enhanced by others on our legal team with extensive knowledge of criminal law as it applies to fraud and other white collar financial crimes, including how they can be concealed and exposed.

Contact Our Attorneys

If you have reason to believe that an employee insurance or benefit plan is being mismanaged at employees’ expense, a lawyer at our firm can address whether a breach of fiduciary duty or fraud has occurred. You are also welcome to contact us for an exploratory consultation if you represent a corporation with concerns about ERISA compliance as it pertains to employee benefit plans. We can be reached by phone at 800-209-7206.