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A Sophisticated, Interdisciplinary Civil Appellate Practice

Whenever high-stakes, complex civil litigation goes all the way through trial, there is always strong potential that an appeal will be filed. The right of appeal is an important aspect of legal systems in the U.S. and other countries, and it is critical to have a strong litigation firm with civil appeals experience on your side whenever you have a lot on the line in a case.

Extensive Civil Appeals Experience

At the longstanding, respected law firm Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we have several qualified New York City civil appeals lawyers, including an attorney for whom this is a prominent focus. We have successfully:

  • Defended our own trial victories through the appeals phase in several U.S. and state courts of appeal
  • Filed appeals in the appropriate courts in order to obtain reversal of unfavorable verdicts in our own civil cases and those originally tried by other lawyers
  • Reviewed and analyzed trial verdicts and case files for potential appeals clients and as an of-counsel service to other attorneys and law firms seeking a qualified opinion, review or arguments

Specific, Highly Developed Strengths Relevant To Civil Appeals

Our strengths as civil appeals lawyers include in-depth knowledge of the proper procedures and the writing of powerful, well-constructed legal briefs necessary to file a strong appeal or defend against one. We have attorneys who are adept at analyzing case records and determining whether judicial error or some other consideration merits an appeal.

We are eminently prepared to pursue an appeal when a trial effort meets with an adverse decision due to certain circumstances, and we have been selected by many clients to pursue them when they felt their original trial lawyer is not the best qualified choice to handle this new phase of the case.

Contact Proven, Qualified Civil Appellate Lawyers

Our appellate abilities extend across the spectrum of our interdisciplinary law practice, including the ability to pursue a commercial appeal following complex business litigation as well as in matters of employment law, intellectual property law and other areas. To scheduled consultation with an experienced CPS&S appeals attorney, call 800-209-7206 or e-mail our New York City offices.