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Proven Commercial Appellate Lawyers

When a plaintiff or defendant in a high-value commercial dispute receives what appears to be an unjust or erroneous verdict in a civil trial, it can be critical to consider the potential for appeal very soon afterward. Appellate law is a complex, unique area that requires an attorney with solid knowledge of appellate court procedures, refined analytical skill and the ability to construct powerful legal briefs.

Skilled In Upholding Verdicts And Obtaining Reversals On Appeal

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we have several appellate lawyers proven capable of defending against appeals of favorable verdicts we have obtained in commercial cases or pursuing a valid appeal when we determine judicial error or some other factor that justifies this action.

Our firm is a valuable resource for both litigants who want to consider new counsel after an unfavorable trial outcome and attorneys wishing to take advantage of our of-counsel services. Our interdisciplinary legal team includes many veteran trial litigators admitted to state and federal appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court, and an attorney who makes appeals a central focus.

Our Commercial Appeals Experience

Our capabilities as a commercial appeals law firm include:

  • Strong knowledge of applicable business and commercial laws, and the rules of evidence and procedure that pertain in a court of appeal
  • Refined ability to analyze a complex trial record, isolate the legal core and determine the strongest possible basis for an appeal
  • Outstanding legal brief writing skills — a critical aspect of appellate work

Commercial Litigation Attorneys With Successful Appeals Experience

Whether you are a business stakeholder unsatisfied with a recent verdict or a law firm in need of a qualified opinion on the likelihood of a successful appeal, we will welcome your request for an exploratory consultation with one of our New York City commercial appellate attorneys. Please send us an email or call our New York City offices at 800-209-7206 to schedule a meeting.