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Litigation Involving Pharmaceuticals

For more than 20 years, the commercial litigation attorneys at Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy have built a sterling reputation for providing high-quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner for retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and other small and mid-sized businesses involved in a dispute with a manufacturer.

New York Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys

We have handled a number of complex cases representing smaller businesses engaged in litigation with the pharmaceutical industry. Although we work with industries across the board, our unique combination of courtroom skill and understanding of the practices and legal tactics of Big Pharma makes us a logical choice to represent wholesalers, distributors and retail pharmacies in claims against manufacturers of brand name prescription drugs. Contact our Manhattan or Denver office today to schedule an exploratory consultation.

Representing Pharmaceutical Retailers, Wholesalers and Distributors

Big Pharma companies have significant political power and resources. In any legal conflict with an influential opponent, it is important to have an experienced and accomplished team of attorneys on your side who are prepared to advocate your position forcefully and with confidence. This is true whenever a smaller business is involved in litigation with an industry leader.

Our extensive experience and understanding of the issues pertinent to the pharmaceutical industry allows us to effectively and efficiently protect the rights of pharmacies, drug distributors and wholesalers involved in a complex legal dispute with any major drug company.

Discuss Your Needs and Goals With One of Our Lawyers

For a detailed assessment of your current legal position and to discuss strategy options for moving forward, please email our office today, or call 800-209-7206 to schedule an appointment in New York City or Denver.