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Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

The dissolution of a marriage contains significant emotional, financial and legal challenges. Your attorney must be your advocate in all facets of divorce, someone who will strategically execute a resolution to the myriad challenges you are facing. In some cases, the most constructive legal plan for you and your family may be a collaborative divorce.

In a collaborative law approach, the terms of a divorce or separation — such as division of assets and child custody — are established through negotiation. There are several advantages to this, the most important being that couples avoid the expense of litigation, and do not need to worry about a judge making decisions that are beyond their control and unworkable in practice.

The Collaborative Law Process

To begin, both spouses sign an agreement to resolve disputes in a constructive and reasoned matter, and to negotiate honestly and in good faith. Each spouse has a lawyer who helps him or her represent his or her interests and helps move the discussion toward a mutually agreeable solution. Unlike in other types of alternative dispute resolution, there is no neutral third party.

If you and your spouse agree on most things about your divorce, and want to resolve your differences amicably and efficiently, collaborative law may be for you.

Why Choose Our Firm?

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, we start with an initial client consultation that will focus on our client’s needs, our client’s concerns and a resolution strategy. We seek to negotiate for our clients, and are willing to employ a “thinking outside the box” mentality, bringing novel and/or positive approaches to settlement, while not compromising the goals and objectives of our clients.

We are available to our clients in these difficult times. It is our experience that an attorney who pays attention to his or her clients’ needs, focuses on details, considers cost-benefit analysis, and employs creative resolution strategies, can effectively push forward an advantageous position for the client that increases the probability of an early resolution.

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