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Structuring Marital Dissolution Agreements That Meet Our Clients’ Goals

Couples who wish to divorce amicably and as efficiently as possible, avoiding litigation that can be stressful and costly, must reach agreement on all aspects of important issues including child custody and visitation, alimony and marital property division. Even when issues of property distribution are complex, negotiating settlement of these issues can allow formation of a dissolution agreement and an uncontested divorce.

Experience Handling High-Asset Divorces

At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), we guide high-asset men and women through the process of divorce and other family law matters. Our knowledge of New York matrimonial law is extensive, and our approach emphasizes planning and negotiation in order to minimize long-term conflict and accomplish our clients’ goals without resorting to trial in family court.

Practical, Compassionate Advocacy That Protects Your Finances

Our New York City uncontested divorce attorneys offer personal attention at the partner level of our firm, providing caring and practical counsel with an eye toward efficient resolution of issues that could stand in the way of completing an uncontested divorce. Our strengths in this area include:

  • Proven ability to structure marital property settlements acceptable to both parties even when business interests, investments, real estate and other substantial, complex assets and liabilities are involved
  • In-depth, current understanding of evolving New York matrimonial law, including a grasp of the recent change allowing for no-fault divorce
  • Experience in specialized areas and situations including international divorce

The CPS&S Difference

Our skilled divorce lawyers in New York City are prepared to thoroughly assess all issues in your case and tailor our services to your needs and priorities. If disputes arise that cannot be resolved amicably through an uncontested divorce, you will have a legal team equally capable of handling contested divorce claims through litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

Contact Our Amicable Divorce Attorneys for Counsel

We encourage you to call 800-209-7206 or contact us online to schedule an exploratory consultation. Our experienced matrimonial lawyers offer complementary experience in other legal areas that may be critical to helping you emerge from divorce in the best possible financial condition.