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Experienced Counsel for Grandparents Seeking Visitation Or Custody Rights

It is not uncommon for family disputes and other issues to disrupt the vitally important relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren. Before or after a New York divorce within your family, or in a range of other situations, you may have important objectives involving your rights as a grandparent to have contact and be involved in the lives of your grandchildren.

Caring And Focused Representation Regarding Custody And Visitation

New York state statutes and case law governing grandparents’ rights leave considerable room for interpretation. At Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP (CPS&S), skilled and empathetic New York City grandparents’ rights attorneys are prepared to advise clients on matters concerning:

  • Grandparents’ attempts to establish enforceable visitation rights that allow reasonable access to their grandchildren
  • Child custody cases in which grandparents may have either stepped into a parental role for a lengthy period in the absence of a parent (legally speaking, in loco parentis) or developed serious concerns about the safety and upbringing of grandchildren

Personal Attention From Seasoned Trial Lawyers

Our legal team has many decades of experience analyzing complex family situations in light of New York matrimonial law. We focus on providing practical guidance in the effort to help our clients achieve their goals without resorting to costly, drawn-out and stressful litigation in family court.

Our work on your case will be driven by your priorities, which may include establishing grandparents’ visitation or custody rights through negotiations or mediation to deliver results you are confident will serve the best interests of children involved. Should your case ultimately require a trial due to a lack of grandchildren’s parents’ willingness to negotiate reasonably, you will have a dynamic, resourceful trial lawyer on your side.

Contact Our Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

We encourage you to turn to us for legal counsel based on extensive experience in complex family litigation. Our work together can begin with a discreet, comprehensive exploratory consultation to discuss your needs and our perspective on your ability to achieve your goals as a grandparent. Call 800-209-7206 today to schedule your consultation.