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Tips on finding the best employees for your startup

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Entrepreneurs

Good companies are made up of good employees, which is why small business owners in Manhattan make it a point to hire only the best and brightest. The following tips are crucial to navigating the hiring process, thereby increasing an employer’s chances of landing the perfect worker.

There are certain qualities a business owner must look for when seeking out prospective candidates for a specific position. As stated by Forbes, finding a worker who meshes well with the rest of the team is of the utmost importance. In addition to past experience and knowledge, the best workers are capable of getting along with fellow employees, as well as other business associates and customers/clients.  

Because many positions in startups require a capacity for intellectual and professional growth, potential candidates should exhibit an ability to exceed the position currently up for grabs. Ambition can go long way, not only for the person in question but also for the company for which an individual works. Showing dedication to a company and its long-term goals is another vital quality. Workers who are merely in it for the short-term and constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity will be less likely to make a real contribution to a growing business.

Additionally, employers should be aware of any red flags when vetting prospective employees. Inc. lists a few methods for avoiding potentially problematic workers, which includes being wary of an interviewee with an numerous gripes about a former workplace. Inquiring into how challenges are faced can also be illuminating. Workers reluctant to take responsibility for past failures (choosing instead to blame these instances on others) can signal an inability to recognize one’s own shortcomings. Lastly, checking up on any references provided is highly recommended. 


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