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How to choose a divorce attorney in New York

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Divorce

Hearing your spouse utter the word divorce can be devastating, even if you knew in your heart that the marriage was coming to an end. You’ve given so much of your life to this person, the relationship and possibly your children. No matter how long the marriage lasted, it is still difficult to accept that it is ending. Here are some tips for choosing a divorce attorney in New York.

When you begin your search for a divorce attorney it’s always best to seek referrals from trusted people in your life. They should come from family members or friends who have recently gone through a divorce. These referrals will make it easier when choosing an attorney because you will get an honest opinion of the work that was performed.

Once you have obtained referrals, you can begin to interview the attorneys. This is a critical part of the selection process that should never be overlooked. You need to find out as much about each of them as you can. Ask about their fees, their experience, their knowledge of the courts local to you and anything else you feel is pertinent to your situation.

As you consult with each attorney be sure to ask about the divorce process as a whole. You will want to work with an attorney who offers you an honest look at what to expect during the process. Upfront honesty about what to expect regarding your case helps you prepare emotionally.

Has your spouse filed for divorce in Manhattan? If so, an experienced divorce attorney can help you get everything in order regarding your rights and tell you what to expect.


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