Highest divorce rates for telemarketers and other professions

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Recently released data from the United States Census Bureau shows that bartenders and telemarketers are among the jobs in the country with the highest rates of divorce. The study has found that money just might help keep marriages together even though it technically does not buy happiness. The study took place over a period of five years and found that those who work in casinos have the highest rates of divorce.

The divorce rate for those who work in casinos comes in at 52.9 percent. If you work as a bartender, you might not want to read any further. Those working in this profession have a divorce rate of 52.7 percent over a five-year period. Other professions that made the list include telemarketers, flight attendants and plastic and metal machine employees.

The research conducted found that money was a deciding factor for people involved as to whether or not they should get divorced or remain in the marriage. Jobs that had the lowest risk of divorce include scientists, chemical engineers, surgeons and physicians. The profession with the highest chance of a stable marriage is that of the actuary. Actuaries make a median income of $97,000 annually and had just a 17 percent chance of divorce over a five-year period.

Other professions to make the list of stable marriages included optometrists, clergy, religious activities and education and software developers.

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