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Reasons people get married when they shouldn’t

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Divorce

Not all divorces happen because of unforeseen circumstances that ruin a marriage. In a lot of cases, the people who originally decided to get married never should have done so. They made a mistake. It’s human. It happens.

Examples of these types of mistakes include:

  • Getting married because the other person wanted to, and you did not want to let them down.
  • Getting married because everyone else in your friend group was doing it.
  • Getting married because you wanted a change in your life, and it was an easy way to get one.
  • Getting married when you did not really have more than a physical connection.
  • Getting married when you didn’t realize how much the freedom of being single still meant to you.
  • Getting married before you did a lot of things in life that you wanted to do. For instance, maybe you wanted to travel the world, but your spouse hates traveling and just wants to have children right away.
  • Getting married because of outside pressure from parents or because everyone just assumed you would.
  • Getting married because you were worried about being alone, even though you didn’t really want to be with your partner.
  • Getting married because you did not realize how much work it was going to be and how many new responsibilities you were going to have.

These issues are often a problem for those who marry too young, but they can really happen at any age. If this happened to you and now you’re thinking about divorce to get out of it, be sure you know what steps to take.


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