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Factors to address prior to working with subcontractors

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Comprehensive Business Law

While company personnel may be capable of completing some projects without outside help, there are times in which it might be necessary to enlist the services of another party. In the construction industry, the idea of working with subcontractors might seem relatively common, but there could be some risks involved. Understanding some vital factors to address prior to hiring subcontractors could prove integral to staving off costly concerns and protecting the well-being of a construction company in New York.

Company owners who are weighing the possibility of enlisting the services of a subcontractor could benefit from addressing several topics prior to choosing a path, such as:

  • Work history: One of the first steps to take could involve taking the time to thoroughly review a subcontractor’s history, as this could prove integral to vetting the company.
  • Possible risks: While there may be some inherent risks involved with hiring subcontractors, addressing these concerns early on could help a person prepare a strategy to handle any obstacles that might arise.
  • Company protection: Those who wish to protect their interests may also find it vital to set forth clear terms concerning project expectations and obligations through a construction contract.
  • Additional coverage:  In addition to contract protection, construction companies may also have the option of adding additional avenues of coverage by exploring the available insurance options.

Those preparing to hire a subcontractor could also benefit from seeking advice on what to include in a construction contract, as this agreement could cover a range of essential topics.

Taking steps to protect the interests of a construction company when working with a subcontractor could help mitigate a variety of potential risks, but it can be a complex endeavor. Fortunately, company owners do not have to approach this process alone, and by consulting with legal counsel for advice, they could obtain much needed advice in addressing every essential component necessary. An attorney can help a person in New York take every possible step to protect the future of his or her endeavor and provide assistance in addressing any issues that might arise in the future.


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