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Reasons to consider changing the identity of a business

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Comprehensive Business Law

There are numerous types of structures to choose from when starting a company, each of which may offer its own set of possible advantages and disadvantages. While many business owners in New York may start out as operators of a sole proprietorship, the interests and needs of a company might change over time. Business owners who are considering a change might benefit from knowing some possible scenarios in which changing business structures might be a viable option. 

Possible reasons 

According to experts, there may be several reasons to consider changing the structure of a business. One of the first topics to address could pertain to liability and risk and entrepreneurs who operate a sole proprietorship might wish to seek added protection by changing to an LLC or a corporation. Taxes could also be a motivating factor in the decision to change business structures and knowing the role taxes play in each option could be vital to choosing a path. 

Business growth could also drive owners to review their available options and consider making changes to their companies. In some cases, a change in business structure might even open new opportunities or help attract the attention of investors. Experts also indicate that there may be certain environmental or social motivations behind the decision to change the structure of a business. 

Preparing for the process 

Even if changing business structures might be the best path, the process can still be somewhat complex in nature. With a variety of topics to address and options to consider, those weighing the possibility of a similar change might benefit from seeking advice from an attorney prior to making a final decision. An attorney in New York can provide a client with insight in addressing every vital aspect of changing the identify of a business and assist in navigating every stage of the subsequent process. 


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