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Making informed decisions when terminating an employee

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Employment Law

Companies in New York and elsewhere that hire others to assist with operations might not always know how long each employee will stay with the company. In some cases, business owners may even face a situation in which it might be necessary to terminate an employee, but the process might not always be so simple. The way business owners handle the termination process could affect the outcome of the situation and finding ways to make informed decisions about this process might help protect a company and reduce the risks of facing allegations of wrongful termination. 

According to experts, business owners could benefit from taking a variety of steps prior to choosing to terminate an employee, some of which may include:

  • Don’t rush the decision: Rash decisions may rarely prove fruitful and taking time to evaluate the situation and the possible implications involved could be vital to making an informed choice.
  • Gather information: Gathering information to show reasonable cause for termination could also be a vital component of preparing to take the necessary actions.
  • Understand the options: In some cases, there may be certain alternatives to termination that could prove more suitable to the situation and addressing these options prior to choosing a path might be essential.
  • Take a consistent approach: It could also be helpful to take a consistent approach to such a process, as treating employees in a different manner might be viewed as discriminatory behavior.

While the process of firing an employee might seem somewhat uncomfortable, it may be advisable to avoid apologizing for the decision, as this could be viewed as an admission of guilt or wrongdoing.

While developing a thorough strategy with which to handle termination of employment matters could be helpful, many business owners might not know how best to achieve such goals. Those who wish to protect their business interests could find it helpful to speak with an attorney for guidance in addressing every vital topic of the termination process. An attorney in New York can work with a client in creating a plan to address similar matters and provide further assistance should a termination lead to allegations of wrongful behavior.


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