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Nearby construction projects could create various concerns

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Construction Law

Whether it involves development changes to a neighbor’s property or work on subdivision sidewalks and roads, a nearby project could affect a person’s life in various ways. Dealing with excessive noise stemming from construction projects can be stressful enough as is, there may also be additional concerns involved. Knowing some of the issues that can arise due to nearby construction projects and one’s rights should the unthinkable occur could help a person in New York better prepare to respond to the situation.

Excessive noise and property damage

Regardless of whether one lives in an apartment building or a home in a subdivision, excessive noise from a nearby construction project could create various hardships. This noise could start early each day and run for months at a time, and knowing one’s options and rights when dealing with similar issues may be vital to understanding the steps to take to protect one’s interests. For instance, there may be ordinances that govern the level of sound that is acceptable in an area, and addressing excessive sound levels may be well within one’s rights.

Unfortunately, noise may hardly be the most devastating issue that a nearby construction project might cause. In some cases, high levels of vibration could also take a significant toll on the structural integrity of other buildings. Damage to a property or home that is caused by vibration could prove various issues and the outcome of these damages could prompt dire financial challenges.

Construction disputes

Excessive sound and vibration damage are two common sources of construction disputes. Individuals in New York who encounter similar issues might not always fully understand their legal rights and options and they could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance prior to choosing a path forward. An attorney can evaluate the situation a client is facing and assist in creating a strategy to protect his or her interests and seek any compensation entitled through the proper channels.



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