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What might prompt a need for change orders in construction?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Construction Law

While there may be a variety of essential topics to cover when preparing to initiate operations on a new construction project, covering every possibility might not always be feasible. Change remains a constant aspect in this field and finding ways to respond to situations that arise could prove integral to protecting your company.  

Issues that arise on a construction site may prompt a need to revisit the terms of a contract and revise the agreement via change orders. Knowing some of the most prevalent reasons for change orders could help provide you with insight on when it might be necessary to take such measures and on how best to approach the process. 

Common issues 

There are a multitude of issues that can arise on a New York construction site, some of which could impact project operations. Some common scenarios in which change orders might be necessary may include: 

  • Issues with project design:  Issues in the blueprints or design of a project could affect various aspects of operations and may, in turn, prompt a need to adjust contract terms via change orders. 
  • Project planning concerns:  There may be numerous parties working on a project at any given time, and such issues could arise should one party fail to properly budget and schedule for project needs. 
  • Project conditions:  Job site conditions such as weather or environmental issues may also affect operations, and similar types of issues may often prove unforeseeable in nature. 
  • Lack of communication:  Studies indicate that issues with lack of communication between the parties involved in a project also remain a prevalent cause for the need of change orders. 

In some scenarios, issues stemming from the scope of work on a project could also affect operations and prompt a need to address the situation by revising the terms of the agreement via change orders. 

When to consider change orders 

While construction change orders may prove necessary under numerous circumstances, knowing when to implement such measures could prove a daunting task. As the outcome of unexpected issues could have a significant impact on your company’s well-being, takings steps to better understand your options and how best to handle each situation could prove essential. Seeking advice in evaluating the situation and choosing the best path with which to handle such concerns may help place you in a better position in which to safeguard the interests of your company. 


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