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Project delays remain a common source of construction disputes

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Construction Law

Creating a thorough schedule may be an integral aspect of preparing to initiate operations on any type of construction project. However, construction companies in New York may be aware that project timelines might not always work out as intended, as there are a variety of issues that may lead to delays in project schedules. While delays remain a common concern in the construction industry, such issues can also prove costly by nature, and disputes over project delays can be hotly contested matters.

What might prompt delays?

According to experts, one of the most prevalent sources of delays in construction may involve a lack of proper financial preparation. Failure to accurately estimate any upfront costs involved with a project may leave one party unprepared to fulfill obligations and the presence of such issues could create delays that may impact all parties involved with the project. Material shortages also continue to be a leading cause of delays in construction and finding ways to stave off similar concerns might be integral to mitigating project risks.

Delays could also stem from flaws in the design of project blueprints and taking steps to rectify such issues can also prove financially demanding. Changes to designs or to project scope can also lead to delays that may place a significant financial strain on the parties involved. Experts indicate that delays could also stem from issues with compliance and taking steps to improve this aspect of operations may be vital to protecting against an undesirable result.

Construction disputes

While there may be steps construction companies can take to help reduce the risks of delays, what happens if other parties involved with a project fail to take such measures? Companies in New York that encounter similar disputes might consider speaking with an attorney for guidance in evaluating the situation and determining the best course of action to take. Such advice may prove integral to helping a company prepare to make informed choices about its options and pursue the most favorable resolution possible via the appropriate outlets.


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