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Find a solution to a New York real estate dispute

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Real Estate Law

New York features both rural areas and busy cities, making it a prime location for real estate investors. If you travel northwest of Sarasota Springs, you’ll find Hamilton County, which has no urban land at all. More than 85% of the state is considered rural. Closer to New York City, however, properties include high-rise commercial buildings, condominiums, single-family and multi-family houses. Where there’s real estate, whether rural or urban, there’s likely to be a real estate dispute on occasion.

Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner, investor, landlord, tenant, sales agent, broker or, perhaps, a beneficiary who has inherited real estate, any number of issues may spark a real estate dispute. When that happens, it’s important to arm yourself with an understanding of applicable laws, as well as support resources to help you find a swift and fair solution. Many disputes can be settled out of court; however, in some cases, litigation may be necessary.

Issues that often precipitate a real estate dispute

There are numerous issues that are often a central focus in real estate disputes throughout the state:

  • Adverse possession
  • Lease agreements
  • Construction or development contract issues
  • Boundaries
  • Foreclosures
  • Violation of real estate sales laws

Real estate laws are complex and disputes are often difficult to resolve. To protect your interests, it’s best to seek support from someone who is well-versed in this area of law.

Increase your chances of achieving a fair solution

Cox Padmore Skolnik & Shakarchy LLP, in New York, is an experienced legal team who has gone to bat many times to resolve real estate disputes. If a dispute is delaying your project, preventing you from obtaining money owed to you or is causing you stress with a neighbor or other party, you can schedule a consultation to discuss the issue and explore whatever options might be available to solve the problem. Acting alongside experienced legal guidance and support  typically produces the best results in court.


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