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Business litigation — Sports Illustrated vs. energy drink mogul

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Comprehensive Business Law

If you place a one-page ad in Sports Illustrated magazine, it’s said that more than 650,000 will read it. The iconic publication became a pioneer in sports journalism when it launched its first copy in 1954. Now, the owner of SI, Authentic Brands Group, has laid down the gauntlet against energy drink mogul, Manoj Bhargava in a business litigation claim.  

Bhargava reportedly purchased rights to publish the print version of SI but owes approximately $48 million or more in back payments. This is not the only legal issue Bhargava is currently facing regarding SI. When Bhargava took a controlling interest in SI’s publisher, Arena Group, he terminated the CEO and several other key executives. They have filed lawsuits against him claiming that he owes them severance pay. The plaintiffs are also seeking punitive damages and reimbursement of legal fees. 

SI business litigation affects more than the company 

When business litigation erupts in an iconic company like SI, it affects not only the plaintiffs in the case but also readers, subscribers and advertisers. The magazine is known for its top-quality photographs and sports journals. In its claim against Arena Group, Authentic Brands Group has alleged that the company has committed copyright and trademark infringement and interfered with a peaceful transition of data to the new publishing company SI has chosen for its magazine.  

Cases like this are complex and often difficult to resolve. When a business has a lot at stake, it is wise to enlist support from a legal team that is experienced and well-versed in business litigation issues. With aggressive and cohesive counsel, business owners can achieve the most favorable outcomes possible in court.  


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