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Three common roadblocks in condominium management

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Real Estate Law

Managing a condominium involves more than just overseeing the property. It demands skillful management of complex challenges. Condominium associations often face a range of issues that can affect the community’s functionality and harmony. Understanding these problems is crucial for addressing them effectively and ensuring the association’s smooth operations.

Addressing construction flaws

Construction defects can vary from minor issues, such as poor paint quality, to major structural failures. It is vital to address these flaws as soon as they are detected. Start by documenting the defects and promptly contact a professional to assess the situation. It is also wise to involve a real estate lawyer early to address these issues legally with the builder or contractor.

Resolving contract disputes

Disagreements over contracts typically arise over the interpretation of service contracts with vendors or agreements with contractors. Handling these disputes effectively requires a clear understanding of the contract details. Consider mediation to resolve the issues amicably. This approach often saves time and money compared to litigation.

Clarifying the association’s responsibilities

Conflicts about the association’s responsibilities can include a wide range of disagreements, from which repairs fall under its purview to how it allocates funds for maintenance costs. Having clear, comprehensive bylaws is important in preventing such conflicts. The association should regularly review and update its bylaws and ensure that documents are accessible to all residents. Conducting meetings with the community to go over roles and responsibilities can also help ensure everyone is on the same page.

A condominium association’s role extends beyond just property maintenance. It is also responsible for tackling issues that can significantly impact the living environment of its residents.


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