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Intellectual property matters in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2014 | Intellectual Property

Issues involving intellectual property can affect both businesses and employees, making it important for anyone dealing with relevant issues to have reliable counsel related to action concerning a concern. Familiarity with both federal and state laws is important in determining how to proceed in protecting one’s brand or ideas. In a digital age, the potential for infringements can be far reaching.

A business may suffer significant losses through the unsanctioned use of its trademark. Misrepresentation of merchandise with forged emblems or artwork can also deprive prospective customers through the supply of inferior materials. It is important to guard your brand against such infringements. Similarly, artists, musicians, and authors can experience loss through the bootlegging or pirating of materials. Legal action may be necessary to address this type of dishonest gain and to recover losses while putting an end to the illegal activities.

Trade secrets can be a serious source of loss in a competitive market, making it important to carefully manage contracts and other employment issues with those who will have access to the most prized secrets in a company. At the same time, employees may find that restrictive contracts leave them facing difficulties in seeking future employment after leaving a position. Legal assistance can make a big difference on either side of this issue.

From high-tech industries to small home businesses, the handling of your intellectual property can make a major difference in your business success. In starting out, it may be helpful to meet with a lawyer to become familiar with your rights with regard to your ideas and branding. Additionally, legal support can be extremely helpful in researching issues related to prospective trademarks or or products. Please explore our intellectual property rights for additional information about issues that you might face.

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