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New NY rideshare service targets children

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Entrepreneurs

New York City has served as the launch point for countless successful businesses and brands throughout the years, and continues to be the ultimate destination for many visionaries. Entrepreneurs often consider business trends and demographics before making their move on the market, and the growth of any given industry can usually be surveyed by considering competition factors. For instance, one perspective business in the region may shed light on the status and future of the rideshare industry.

There has recently been a considerable increase in delivery and rideshare services popping up in the New York region. Several start-up companies have been bought by major corporations and venture capital firms, and services are venturing into the five boroughs and beyond. The success of Uber in New York is attributed to the considerable jump in similar companies opening across the city, as well over 2 million New York residents used the company’s rideshare services in 2011.

Now, another new company has turned its sights on the Big Apple. The company is currently operating out of state but plans to expand to the East Coast soon. The rideshare program markets to families with children, offering shuttle services for children. According to a spokesperson for the company, services are geared for children over the age of six. The rideshare drivers will all reportedly have care-giving experience and background checks, as well as booster seats in their vehicles. The business was reportedly started by three mothers with law and business degrees. No actual date for the start-up opening was provided.

Source: New York Post, “Uber-like rideshare company for kids may come to New York,” Catherine Curan, May 10, 2015



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