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How do you take care of your customers after a merger?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Mergers & Acquisitions

For customers, almost nothing is more frustrating or infuriating than not getting the service they need. If New York companies fail to provide adequate customer service, or if customers are able to find a better deal with a competitor, they are likely to leave. One particularly vulnerable time this can happen is during the merger or acquisition processes. While your company is going through significant changes, it can be easy to overlook the needs of the customer. In recent posts, we’ve discussed the importance of assisting employees through a merger or acquisition. How can you show the same consideration to your customers during this period?

According to Axial, most of the customers who leave during a merger do so because of a lack of communication, which can cause any number of problems. For example, a new website may be confusing for customers to understand how to log in and pay their bill; they may be enticed by competitors to switch services; or they may simply be uncertain and worried about how the merger may affect them.

It is crucial, therefore, to supply the communication and services that customers need to reassure them that your newly restructured company will meet, or exceed, the services they were accustomed to. You might achieve this by ensuring your employees are trained in answering the types of questions customers will have during this time. An effective marketing strategy that addresses customer concerns can also be helpful. When you imagine yourself as the customer and think about ways in which you would like to be taken care of, it can go a long way toward maintaining a positive relationship between your company and your valuable customers.


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