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New York Attorney General to investigate Weinstein Company

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Employment Law

An inquiry has been opened into the Weinstein Company by the Attorney General of New York, Eric T. Schneiderman. The inquiry seeks to determine if the claims made against the company’s co-founder, Harvey Weinstein, are broad-ranging and show violations of civil rights and gender discrimination.

A subpoena was sent to the company on Oct. 23 by the Civil Rights Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office. The subpoena is requesting a plethora of documents that include hiring and firing, promotions and informal and formal complaints of age or gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

The subpoena also asked for documents explaining how those complaints were handled by the company. It requested documents that show any settlements reached outside of court with employees who have made accusations against the company or against Harvey Weinstein personally..

In a statement, Schneiderman said that New Yorkers should never have to go to a workplace when it is ruled by fear, harassment or sexual intimidation. The attorney general also made it clear that his office wants to know if these issues are present at workplaces.

The inquiry opened into the Weinstein Company by Attorney General Schneiderman will also help determine whether the company is financially responsible for any misconduct that is found.

Employment law is often a difficult topic for many employees to understand. That’s why whether you believe that you’re a victim of sexual harassment, workplace discrimination or any other employment rights violation; it’s best that you work with an experienced New York employment law attorney to deal with the case and present your side of events.

Source: New York Times, “Weinstein Company Faces Civil Rights Inquiry by New York Attorney General,” Oct. 23, 2017


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