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What are signs that divorce could be on the horizon?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Divorce

Being married is not all it’s cracked up to be for many couples. Some marriages last a couple of months. Others will last years. It’s becoming more and more common for marriages to inevitably end in divorce. There’s no defined reason as to why marriages aren’t lasting, but you can certainly look at some common reasons why marriages end. So, what are signs that divorce could be on the horizon for a marriage?

If you and your spouse continually resent each other or are critical of each other, then divorce could be headed your way. Look for discontent with your spouse in his or her actions, words and how they look at you. Does your spouse view you as inferior? This can be a big relationship killer.

If you or your spouse spends too much time away from home, then divorce could be around the corner. Spouses who no longer have interest in the marriage will do everything possible to avoid going home. This can include staying late at work, going out with friends and even wandering the mall.

If the intimacy has left your marriage, or if it was truly never there, then your marriage is on the rocks. Just be mindful that the amount of sex in the relationship does not define the health of the relationship.

When the two of you spend too much time on your digital devices and not interacting with each other, the marriage could be on the way out the door. It’s possible your spouse has begun online dating or is researching divorce. It’s also possible your spouse has simply checked out of the marriage.

If your relationship is exhibiting any of the signs outlined in this post, then divorce could very well be in the near future for you and your spouse. You should begin preparing on the side in the event that your spouse files for divorce.

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