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What type of evidence helps document discrimination?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Employment Law

Workplace discrimination can be tricky. Even when you know you are experiencing it, what can you do to gather evidence? How can you show someone who does not walk in your shoes every day that you are being treated unfairly?

If you have seen changes to your pay or hours, that is the first place to start. Your pay stubs at least provide a solid record of the change so that you can show you were earning more or working more prior to the harassment. This also helps to prove exactly how it has impacted you in a financial sense.

It is also a good idea to keep a diary of what happens to you whenever there is an incident. Write down the date, the time, where it happened, who was involved and any other important details. Do not rely on memory alone. Having it written down ensures that you can relate your experience accurately, every time.

Keep medical records, as well, if the discrimination impacted you that way. While you may not have been physically harmed, being forced to endure this discrimination consistently can take a mental toll. You may end up needing to go to a therapist. You could even end up on medication for anxiety and depression. Having these records shows how the discrimination changed your life and cost you money.

These are just three places to start, but they can help to strengthen your case. Make sure that you understand your legal options and that you know all of your rights when you are facing serious workplace discrimination.


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