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6 important questions about workplace sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Employment Law

If you’ve suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace, you may be looking into your legal options. You know that what happened to you was unfair, unjust and illegal. You want to know what to do.

In the process of defining your case, here are six important questions to ask. The answers will help define how things play out moving forward:

  1. How often did this conduct happen? Was it frequent, or was it more of a one-time event?
  2. Did you suffer from verbal harassment, physical harassment or both at the same time?
  3. Were you the only person who got harassed at work, or is this something that happened to multiple employees?
  4. Was the person who harassed you acting in an aggressive and hostile manner, or was it more about creating an offensive and toxic workplace? For instance, physical contact is usually more hostile and aggressive, while hanging up harassing signs or pictures may be more passive — though still offensive and uncalled for.
  5. Was the person who harassed you a supervisor or a co-worker who holds the same basic position that you do?
  6. Was only one person responsible for harassing you, or were there multiple people who all joined in?

These are not all of the questions you’ll need to ask — for instance, you want to know if there were witnesses or if any of the encounters were caught on video — but they can help you get started. As your case moves forward, make sure that you are well aware of all of the legal steps that you can take.


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