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How international travel can affect child custody

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Child Custody

One of the most memorable things a parent can do with his or her child is to travel. Nothing can strengthen a parent-child relationship like the experience of exploring a new location. However, for parents in New York who are divorced, it is not feasible to just pack up and hit the road. There are some stipulations regarding child custody and travel, so preparations must be made far in advance.

Although each situation is different and unique, the first thing every separated parent should do before travel planning is to review the parenting plan and arrangement. There could be details in the parenting agreement about the time each parent is allotted to travel with children. Also, for those parents who are wanting to travel with kids during popular vacation times like holidays or spring break, be mindful of prior arrangements that were made with the other parent on how these times were to be divided. Discuss dates with the other parent before making final plans.

These days, it is becoming more common for children to have dual citizenship due to their parents having different nationalities. Situations that involve long-distance travel can be complex and challenging. Parents are often concerned that the other party will not adhere to the custody agreement while the children are abroad. As a safeguard, the parent may want to consider a Ne Exeat Bond. This is a form of surety bond that will help to ensure that the traveling parent complies with the existing custody agreement while traveling overseas with the child.

Ne Exeat Bonds are growing in popularity among separated parents in the United States. However, if the traveling parent has complied with agreements in the past, the judge might not always require a Ne Exeat Bond. Parents in New York who would like more information about Ne Exeat Bonds or have questions regarding international child custody or travel should consider discussions with an experienced attorney.


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