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Steps to take prior to signing a commercial lease

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Real Estate Law

One of the most vital aspects of owning and operating a business could involve finding a location that best aligns with your interests and needs. Choosing a location for your business may be vital regardless of whether you are preparing to launch a new endeavor or wish to move an existing business to a better area.

As you search for a location in New York, some of your best options might only be available for lease, and leasing a property might be a viable path if it helps put you in a favorable location. Knowing some vital steps to take before signing a commercial lease could help mitigate certain risks and safeguard your business interests.

Before signing a lease

Signing a commercial lease can be a major decision. Taking steps to protect your interests through this process may be integral, and it can also be somewhat complex in nature. Some steps to take prior to signing a lease might include:

  • Know your options: Understanding the various types of commercial leases available and the intricacies of each in turn could be vital to knowing what to expect from the process.
  • Know the area: It could also be in your best interests to thoroughly research the area to determine whether a location might be the right fit for your endeavor.
  • Financial responsibilities: Some financial topics to address could involve the responsibilities a lease might include, such as lease and utility payments and liability for property damage and repairs
  • Preparing to negotiate: It may also be possible to negotiate many of the terms in a lease, and taking steps to prepare for this aspect of the process may also prove imperative.

Addressing topics such as taxes and permits may also be integral to preparing to pursue a commercial lease agreement that best aligns with the needs of your business endeavors.

Your company’s future

While finding the best location for your business could be integral to promoting growth, this does not mean that you should sign an unfavorable lease just to secure this location. If the terms of a lease might put a strain on your endeavor or expose you to financial risks, it may be beneficial to consider exploring other options before rushing into the situation.

With a great deal at stake, using caution before moving forward with a lease might prove helpful in various ways. Knowing how to tell if a lease might be the right fit and understanding the steps to take prior to signing this agreement could play an essential role in helping you safeguard the future of your business.


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