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Essential elements to cover in all construction contracts

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Construction Law

The field of construction can be a highly competitive industry, and you might put forth a great deal of time and effort into cultivating a positive reputation for your company. With each new year, you may also work with numerous parties on a variety of projects through different parts of New York.

These projects may rarely be the same, and each new project may present with its own set of objectives and responsibilities. While it might be difficult to tell what each new endeavor might bring, there may be certain steps you can take to help protect your company’s interests in virtually all construction projects.

Contract terms

Construction contracts can cover a variety of topics and may help provide protection from whatever comes your way. While each project may prove unique in nature, some topics to cover in all contracts might include:

  • Scope of work: One of the most integral aspects to address in all construction contracts may pertain to providing a clear and thorough definition of the scope of work for the project.
  • Project schedules: It may also be vital to cover important project dates, such as the onset of operations, expected completion time, and dates and frequency of payments for services rendered.
  • Addressing change: Change may be a constant variable in the construction industry. Taking time to address topics, such as the change orders process, could help provide protection and reduce the risks of conflict.
  • Resolving disputes: There may be numerous scenarios in which disputes can arise. Including terms on the available options and how to resolve conflict within contract terms could also be essential.

It could also be helpful to include a list of project exclusions within the terms of a contract, as this might limit confusion and provide all parties involved with a clearer understanding of project expectations.

Protecting the future of your company

Being thorough with contract terms for each construction project could prove vital in various ways. Such measures may not only help provide protection to all parties involved but may also help improve relations between these parties and promote peace of mind. Knowing what to include in contract terms could help you better prepare to approach each new project with confidence and may also help provide you with much-needed insight on your options and the steps to take should issues arise on the site of a project.


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